Early Works

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Curated by Laura Moya and Laura Valenti Jelen
Submission Deadline: Monday, February 4th 2013
Exhibition Venue: Newspace Center for Photography & RayKo Photo Center
Exhibition Dates:
   Newspace Center for Photography – April 5th – 28th 2013 (Portland Photo Month)
   RayKo Photo Center - Fall 2013

Early Works will be an exhibition that examines the naive imagery made by contemporary photographers when they were children. These early images often reveal surprising talent, visual intuition, and honesty. Kept for many decades in shoeboxes and faded albums, the images are often cherished belongings that play a key role in defining the self as artist.

This exhibition will be a close look at photographers’ earliest works, paired with personal narratives about the images and their role in each photographers’ development as an artist.

how to invest in the stock market Did you take images when you were young?

Show us your history. Tell us your story.

The intent of this exhibition is three-fold:

  1. To show how the seeds of photography can be planted at an early age – seeds that are powerful enough to engage one personally and professionally throughout a lifetime.
  2. To offer compelling images that illustrate the aesthetic of the young consciousness, made with photographic equipment/processes that are now perhaps considered obsolete. Commentary on the equipment/ processes is welcome.
  3. To offer meaningful commentary from the artist about each image and the stories behind them. Why is this specific image important to the photographer now? How was the experience of making this photograph foundational to a relationship with photography? Equal weight will be placed on narrative and image. Narrative should show some element of poignancy, humor, and/or universal interest. how to buy Uber shares in Hong Kong